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As well as being established and well-respected funeral directors, we also have a long history of supplying quality memorial stones in Willenhall and surrounding areas. Dedicated to providing a professional service that can be tailored to suit all budgets, we believe everyone deserves a commemorative stone no matter the budget, even much-loved pets. Starting from just £80, we supply, carve and inscribe stones of all sizes, shapes and varieties, including granite, marble and slate options. You can also request expert restoration for existing stones. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Lasting Memorials

The experienced team at Lasting Memorials Ltd are on hand to provide expert guidance when selecting the perfect memorial stone. A poignant marker that provides a place to reflect on personal memories, monuments can be bespoke and include messages of love. We can provide:

Burial Headstones and Cremations Memorials

We can craft quality upright headstones for burial plots as well as tablet stones following cremation. Each stone is made using quality minerals and engraved with your chosen inscription. Alternatively, we can add text to existing stones for families and spouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is both a simple and complex question to answer. The simple answer is: anything you like. You can engrave both the words and images of your choice upon a memorial stone. The more complicated answer is that it depends on where you are putting it.

If your memorial stone is being place in a churchyard or other religious ground, then there certainly are rules. Inscriptions and images should be simple, respectful, and contain no blasphemy. Violating these rules could result in your memorial stone being rejected by the owner of the grounds. If you are unsure about whether your memorial stone is acceptable, check in advance with the body with those in charge of the land you are planning to place your memorial stone.

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A memorial stone made from granite will last the longest out of all the materials it can be made from. However, most materials that memorial stones are made from are chosen for their longevity. Your choice will have more of an effect upon how often it needs to be serviced. Over time, the engravings and images on your memorial stone will erode and fade. When this happens, it is important that it be serviced to preserve and restore its original design.

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Headstone Gilding & Inscription

Gold gilding, carvings and inscriptions can be carried out both in-house and in-situ using a combination of traditional and modern methods. Some common engraving requests include:

Headstones for Pets

Our pets are a part of the family, we form special bonds with our animals and the loss can feel much like that of a family member. As such, we are happy to produce heartfelt pet memorials, suitable for use in gardens and private land, or public spaces subject to receiving permission from the landowner. Speak to us to discuss your requirements.

Monument Masonry Repair

In addition to new stones, we can provide monument masonry repairs to lovingly restore plaques to their former glory while preserving the original features as much as possible. Where needed, engravings can be recreated to improve weathered and aged stones and improve legibility. Finally, we can rectify dishevelled memorials, by lifting mossy growth and mildew and cleaning the surface using gentle, environmentally friendly methods.

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