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Our local, independent company provides a diverse range of funeral services in Willenhall and the surrounding areas. We understand that every person is unique and believe that funerals should be equally individual. Therefore, our dedicated team will go above and beyond to create bespoke services that are tailored to your needs and truly reflects the life, passions, and beliefs of your loved one. From choosing the type of funeral, be it cremation, burial, religious, humanist, or green, to selecting the coffin and procession route, your requests can be catered for. We are here to support you through this difficult time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Types of Funerals

We are proud to offer multi-faith and humanist funerals that respect the beliefs of people from all cultures, religions and backgrounds. There are many types of funerals to choose from, such as:

Green Funerals and Natural Burials

Green funerals allow families to reduce their carbon impact as well as respect the ethical and environmental beliefs of the deceased. You may opt to encompass some or all aspects of an eco-funeral. Many who wish to reduce their impact on the planet opt for one of our exquisite biodegradable coffins made from willow, wool, bamboo, banana leaf, and natural wood as well as simple cardboard designs. Meanwhile, others request an entirely green experience, which may involve a natural burial where the deceased is laid to rest in a designated woodland area. Due to the nature of these services, the burial plot does not have a headstone. Instead, the area can be marked by the planting of a tree. If you wish to explore your options please feel free to get in touch.

Funeral Arrangements

There are many decisions to consider when making funeral arrangements. We can assist you with your selections, including handling monies, organising music, and producing stationery. Considerations may include:

Coffins and Caskets

We offer a wide variety of high-quality coffins and caskets made from a range of materials. These can be further enhanced with plaques and your choice of fittings or linings, as well as any other customisation you choose. Options include:

Funeral Cars

We have a small fleet of impeccably maintained funeral vehicles including comfortable estates for the funeral party to travel in and traditional hearses. For something a little different, we can also source specialist hearses such as horse-drawn carriages, a motorbike and sidecar, various HGVs and agricultural vehicles and much more. We can also supply limousine transportation to the service if you would prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The usual order of services starts with funeral prayers and words of comfort and encouragement from loved ones. Singing a joint recitation of a verse to strengthen the assembled mourners usually follows. Then words of commendation before a burial or cremation takes place and words and/or music to accompany the committal of the deceased will follow. 

The main difference between direct cremations & funeral cremations is that a direct cremation is purely a cremation with no service and nobody in attendance. Whereas the creation service involves loved one, prayers and songs like a standard funeral service. 

A secular funeral or memorial service is a celebration of the life of a deceased person who preferred no affiliation to religion. It is common that these ceremonies are agreed before the passing of the person.  

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